Windy Spring Day at Van Pugh

A cool and windy late April day brings out a crowd to Van Pugh Park on Lake Lanier (4/26/20). Old faces, new faces and even a new sport as our first wingfoiler left the confines of earth and flew on the foil! Photos by Chris Voith. Additional photos by Barrett Walker and Gary Holt

Forum posts from the day here:

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Windsurfing and Windfoiling Lake Lanier

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Best of the Forum Images 2019

We've created a gallery/slideshow of some of the best pics and images you all have uploaded to the forums this year. We showed these at the Holiday Party and we've added a few that have been posted since. We may add a few more by the end of the year.

Click on this full article to see it - it's too big to display on the front page. Of course, if you want to see every image posted this year, scroll through the Forum Images Gallery or do a Forum Images Search

Holiday Party 2019 Edition Dec 7

Editor's note: Yeah, some massive copy and paste. I'd be more original but I'm devoting my creativity towards the ideal White Elephant Gift and various dishes I might bring.

The Details!

Date: (Sure, it's in the title but just as a reminder) Saturday, December 7

Time: 7 pm. Just enough time to get home from whatever you do for fun Saturday afternoon, clean up and head on over.

Where: the fashionable old control tower at Peachtree Dekalb Airport. Google Maps Linky The stairs are inside the building just to the left of the Downwind Restaurant. There are a couple of flights of stairs to climb.

Guests: Yes! Of course. Spouses, SOs, friends, relatives.

What to bring: If you wish, bring a main course, side dish, salad or desert - it's perfectly okay to come without (ie don't stress about cooking). If you have a dietary restriction, you may want to bring something appropriate. The club is throwing in a couple of main courses, side dishes and desserts. Post in the comments what you are thinking of bringing if you wish. BYOB.

What else to bring: Bring something for the ever popular White Elephant Gift Exchange. This is always the highlight of the evening. You may bring a regift, something moderately nice or something amusing. If you forget to bring something, no worries, I'm bringing a pieces of quality vintage gear you may use as your gift (quantities limited). Past gifts have ranged from a bottle of wine, an old windsurf board to bunny slippers.