Sally 2020

Photos during the week of September 14, 2020 as Atlanta came under the influence of Hurricane Sally which came ashore in AL as a Cat 2.

Photos by Thea Genet (tg), Hamdi Demirci (hd), Langdon Garner (lg), Barrett Walker (bw).

Richard heading out tg
Richard G tg
Richard and Alejo 2 tg
Richard and Alejo 1 tg
Ricard heading back to Vanns tg
Langdon 2 tg
Langdon on the foil tg
Gene (foil) Richard (kite) Hamdi (foil) tg
Gene on the foil 2 tg
Gene foiling tg
Gene tg
David jumping tg
Alan foiling tg
Alan 4
Alan on the foil tg
Alejo and Richard tg
Alejo jump 1 tg
Alejo jump 2 tg
Alejo jump 3 tg
Alejo jump 4 tg
Alejo tg
Alejo 2 tg
Alejo jump 2.1 tg
Alejo jump 2.2 tg
Alejo jump 2.3 tg
Alejo jump 2.4 tg
Alejo jump 2.5 tg
Alejo fast tg
Alejo and David 1 tg
Alejo and David 2 tg
Alejo and David 3 tg
Alejo and David 4 tg
Wind line early Monday hd
Preparing to launch lg
Parking and rigging lg
Hamdi rigging lg
Dave D. back for some more Wed. morning hd
No action shot of Barrett but he does have a cool T-shirt bw