Sponsoring Members

We thank the following for being sponsoring members of the Atlanta Boardsailing Club. We appreciate your support!

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  • Chris Campbell thru 9/19
  • Andy Cusack through 8/20
  • Jim Crooks through 11/20
  • Hamdi Demirci through 8/20
  • Randy Falkenberg thru 10/20
  • William Fragakis thru 10/20
  • Langdon Garner thru 09/19
  • Bill Herderich thru 10/21
  • Ed Magelis thru 10/20
  • Clayton Marcotte thru 09/19
  • Gene Mathis thru 11/19
  • Marek Skupien thru 10/19
  • Alan Sloman thru 4/22
  • Scott Spreen thru 7/21
  • Chris Voith thru 10/20
  • Barrett Walker thru 09/19

If you have paid and your name does not appear here, please contact the webmaster. Give us a bit of time after you join to update the page as we are as automated as a litter of puppies. Let us know if you need proof of membership more quickly.