Getting out for the first time (or first time in a while)?

Here's a great video by Jem Hall to help you start out. All his videos are great and he has tutorials all the way up the learning curve.

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I found this video the other night. What a wonderful bit of motivation for all of us. Now that it's getting warmer, I hope we all take the opportunity to try new things whether its just getting comfortable on a board or trying an advanced move. Have fun!

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Outer Banks Spring 2018

Outer Banks Spring 2018

Again this Spring we’ve rented a 5-bedroom house at the same great waterfront location. We have plenty of space because 4 of our regular guests have either moved out of area, or can’t come due to conditions of employment.

The price per week is - $400 single and $450 per couple. Call either Barrett or Peggy with questions. To reserve please send your check to Barrett & Peggy Walker. Our contact and address information is listed at the bottom of the flyer.

Gear Rentals:
Most guests bring their own gear, but you can conveniently rent from OceanAir (252) 995-5000). Brian, the shop owner, lives next door to our house. Ocean Air is a full service shop for windsurfing, kiting, and paddle boarding. In May Kitty Hawk Watersports opens one mile from our house. The second shop rents and gives beginner windsurfing and paddle board lessons. There are many rental locations for surfing, bicycles, kayaks, and other gear. Want to try surfing, but don’t have your own board? Rent from Cavalier Surf Shop, about a mile from the house. Kitty Hawk Kites gives hang gliding lessons nearby on the sand dunes were the Wright Brothers first flew.

Last Fall three guests successfully foiled from the house. The water is chest-deep if you walk your gear out and avoid sailing near the islands.

Information flyer attached below:


Wally (Windsurfer One Design) News

Remember the Windsurfer One Design (affectionately known as the Wally down under? The board that's old enough to have kids in middle school? It lives on and they've just had the National Championships in Australia where it's still a thing.

And, they are updating the board:


Production of the original (plastic) windsurfer ceased last year
The new WINDSURFER is constructed like a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board, ie styrofoam type core with epoxy deck
The board is wider. It can be used as a SUP board and there is a proposed insert to cover the centreboard cavity when used in SUP mode
The board is SIGNIFICANTLY lighter
The centre board is fully retractable
The deck has soft foam grip (like surfboard Gorilla Grip)
The forward half of the board is double concave and it flattens out on the aft half.
The design spec was to create a board that handles like the Windsurfer and can be used as an SUP. Another interesting intention is that the board will become a common “white” board to be branded differently in other countries, ie decked out with different graphics and rigs.
The idea for a new board was conceived a year ago and top sailors have tested several concept boards which iterated towards the prototype boards
The proposed name for the board is “WINDSURFER LT” , LT for light
The centre board pivot point construction is not finalised and may differ from the prototypes
The current Windsurfer rig will remain. A two piece mast will also be available
The target price for early adopters/association members will be in the order of $700

Greg Johns from talks about the new board

The board looks super interesting and affordable if we didn't live halfway around the world.

New Windsurfer One Design prototype