Maybe the Best Kite Vid You Will Ever Watch

If heaven is like this, I'll be happy to go.

David Cummings decided after a personal tragedy to change his life, his way of thinking and live every day.

Winter and Spring Photos

Van Pugh Launch

Windsurfers at Van Pugh

Through the efforts of Barrett Walker, Chris Voith and William Fragakis, we have some photos from the winter season and this past Saturday now up on the Foto Gallery.

Winter Spring 2016

April 2 2016

The Great (Virtual) Yard Sale

Winter is coming to a close and spring is about to... spring. Some of us hardy souls have been at it for most of the winter but the more sane have been waiting for warmer temps. Having had fingers and toes go numb a few times ourselves, there's something to be said for the wisdom of waiting.

Many of us have gear that needs to leave the garage. Others are either starting out, looking to replace worn gear or have moved to the area from a place where sails bigger than 6.0 aren't as necessary.

It's time for a yard sale, a swap or whatever you want to call it. Sure, we have the "For Sail" section of the forum but stuff gets lost there sometimes.

So here's the deal: if you have something you want to sell or are looking for something to buy, post it in the comments below. We'll leave this up until mid-spring. If something moves, delete or edit or comment. When it's over, we'll close comments.

yard sale

More No Gurls

no girls allowed

Actually, the only reason for this post is to use this other pic we found.

We just wrote a post about women and windsurfing here in the Southeast, especially inland. While there are women who windsurf, most of the regulars tend to be men.

So we posted a few videos to inspire those women who may be considering either going out or taking up the sport. Since then, we've found two more really nice videos to add to the collection. We hope they serve as inspiration to both male and female windsurfers.

Good promo from the RYA in England

For the more action oriented, we present Tatiana Howard at Ho'okipa