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We'd love you to join us. We are open to anyone interested in windsurfing or kiteboarding. While most of us are from north Georgia, we have participants from all over the Southeast and even overseas! We have two types of memberships: free and sponsoring.

Free Membership

You can become a free member of the Atlanta Boardsailing Club simply by becoming a registered member of the web site. If you have already signed in, thank you for supporting the club simply by being here. Membership is open to all.

  • What do you get with your free membership? You can participate in discussions, post in the forums, upload pics of your sessions and be alerted of new posts (optional). More importantly, you become part of the community and can share in the enthusiasm and joy of being on the water.
  • We are open to anyone interested in windsurfing, kiteboarding or related topics. Most of our members are from the Atlanta area but we have people from all over the world that have participated in our conversations.
  • Go here to sign in. Not registered? It's easy, go here to register.

We have a second level of membership for those who want to financially support the activities of the club including the Holiday Party and other events. This is not required of anyone but purely for those who want to give back to the sport and keep it healthy. Typically, sponsor level members are already registered users so see the section above if you aren't. After all, what fun is it if you can't participate!

As well, sponsoring members get several extra benefits. Currently, these include:

  • Discounted membership with USWindsurfing. Learn more
  • Discount to our annual regatta and weekend party: The Fall Classic
  • Use of the club teaching board - a very large, wide and floaty Starboard Start! (Requires van/roof rack, etc for transport)
  • 10% club discount at Wind NC. Learn more
  • We will be working on other cool stuff TBA

You will also be listed on the sponsoring members page and get a bit of flair (our graphics monkeys are working hard to make this happen) to add to your signature when you post on our forums. Current Sponsoring Members

Payments are accepted via Paypal


But, I don't want to join but I'd like to help out. Can I send money?

Yes, we appreciate any support. Simply use the Donate button below to choose another amount.

Contact Us

The easiest way to reach out to the community is to register on the site and post on the forums. You can also contact the webmaster.