Club Holiday Party Sun Dec 18 6pm

Christmas Greetings by Joseph Stanley
Our annual Holiday Party will be hosted by me, the grimy mechanic of the website.

Date: Dec 18 (Sun)

Time: 6 pm. If it's not a windy day, you can come earlier and kill some suds or fermented grape juice. If it's windy, come when you get off the water.

Bring: a dish or dessert to feed a few

Bring: Something for the every fun, hilarious and enjoyable White Elephant Gift exchange. Recommended items include something you are regifting, something you think is cool, something that is just a total gag gift/troll, an obsolete windsurfing item, a windsurfing item that's pretty neat and fun for the next person. Over the years we've seen bunny slippers, bottles of adult beverage, suit of armor, classic albums, albums that shouldn't have left the store in the first place, good fins, bad fins, etc.

web site upgrades

I've upgraded the software for the core web site and forums in the last couple of days. If you have any issues, please let me know. Also, I may have found a fix for the infamous cookie issue. If you are having cookie/log in issues, please let me know.

Save the Date: Sun Dec 18 Club Holiday Party

Details up in a bit. Pot luck, White Elephant gift exchange (always fun) and the usual mirth and merriment.

Evening (time TBA) at Chez Webguy.

New Wiki Pages

A number of new pages have been added recently including sailing sites and classic race results.

Wiki New Pages

Inevitably, there will be errors, omissions, incomplete or outdated information. Please either:

New information and pages, of course, are welcome.