Wiki login now linked

We've coordinated the logins to the regular site and the wiki. Now, all registered users should be able to log into the wiki automatically. You may have to log out and then log back in before it all synchs up. Registered users  can now create and edit pages. As alway, if you want to contribute but are overwhelmed by the editing process, use this page on the forums to make your contribution.

Meanwhile, in Brazil

For the old farts, the Stones' "Satisfaction" plays for part of the video. Just don't get weirded out when it segues to a remix.

Team Fanatic & North in Brazil from Josh Willmot on Vimeo.

Barrett's Maui Score

Oh, that Barrett. While the rest of us were freezing in early January, well, he wasn't. It's just not that cold in MAUI. Anyway, he sent in some pics. Cool part isn't only the usual blue water photos but some visits to local shops and board builders.

Vid by new "member"

New member  Flummoxed tells us about his submission to Umi video competition on our forums

The video on vimeo:

Fluxus - John Wilkie from umi pictures on Vimeo.