Randy Falkenberg - 2011 Atlanta Boardsailing Club Windsurfer of the Year

Congratulations to Randy for logging 97 sailing days in 2011. While he admits "they weren't all great," time on the water is time not at a desk or other occupation.

With so much sailing time, Randy, how's that Flaka coming along?

Just for Randy The Physics of the Flaka

Happy Holidays - Update

"Surfing Santa rescued by border guards on Niagara River"

Click for article and video

"Densmore said he isn't sure why Fulton fell off his surfboard but pointed out that Santa's sail was detached from the board at the time of the rescue."

Um, just a guess. There was a loud "crack" and then Santa was swimming...

Happy Holidays

All the best and hope that 2012 brings warm winds.

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Holiday Party - Thanks to all who came

It was great fun. Lots of food and company. The white elephant gifts were wicked - potato guns, bottles of beverage and vintage windsurfing equipment. You know it's severe when the last person picks from the pile!

Barrett shared two great videos of recent Nags Head trips which we all enjoyed watching.

I put together a Youtube playlist for background entertainment for the party. It contains a lot of footage from the current generation of freestylers who have pushed the sport up a notch as well as classic US-1111 and Jaws footage.