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Map of windsurfing and kiteboarding sites on Lake Lanier. Of course, you can launch from just about anywhere but these places have open water, better winds and easier launching.

  • Windsurfing sites are denoted by a "pin" or dot. Hover over it to find its name. Click it to get a link to its page on this wiki.
  • Note that most sites are south of Brown's Bridge (about midway up the lake). The lake is more open allowing stronger and more consistent winds on this part of the lake.
  • Onshore sites are typically preferred: launches on the east (right) side of the lake for winds from the west (from the left of the page). This allows you to launch in the wind directly without a windshadow from the shore or trees and, should you encounter any difficulty on the water, make it more likely you end up blown to the county you started from.

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Windsurfing Sites on Lake Lanier

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