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Windsurfing and Kiteboarding at Keith's Bridge Park

General Information

Keith's Bridge Park is the northernmost recommended windsurfing spot on Lake Lanier and the only one above Brown's Bridge (GA 369). The lake tends to be too narrow, mis-aligned to most prevailing winds and lacks enough open public launches in this part of the lake. Randy Falkenberg recommends this site especially in the spring when the more popular spots on the lake further south suffer from the Dome Effect. See this post on our forums.

Recommended Wind Directions

NW: no | N: no | NE: yes

W: yes | Wind center.png | E: yes

SW: yes | S: no | SE: no

Northwest North Northeast
West Wind center.png East
Southwest South Southeast

Legacy Directions

Local Tips

Significant wind shadow but it beats no wind if it's the only place working on Lanier.


Beginner Intermediate Advanced

Wind Shadows

There is a significant wind shadow at the launch on West or Southwest winds or you can carry your gear down the beach to avoid it. Not necessarily easy getting out but the wind may well be worth it when everyone down at Van Pugh is frustrated

Sailing Upwind


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