Little Ridge Park

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Windsurfing and Kiteboarding at Little Ridge Park

General Information

"A lot of times its like Galts on a bad day. But sometimes its pretty decent. You need to work you way up into the channel to the North of the Boat Ramp (which takes you quite a ways upwind.) The channel is where the best sailing is when wind is NW. My friend Al sails here a lot on his shortboard, while I generally longboard or wideboard it. Why go there at all? In the summer sometimes I go there since I'm worried no wind will show up, or things will get cut short due to thunderstorms. Its the closest spot of all to my house, probably." - Randy Falkenberg

Recommended Wind Directions

NW: yes | N: no | NE: no

W: yes | Wind center.png | E: no

SW: yes | S: no | SE: no

Northwest North Northeast
West Wind center.png East
Southwest South Southeast

Local Tips


Intermediate Advanced

Wind Shadows

Sailing Upwind


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