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Also called Lake Allatoona

Windsurfing and Kiteboarding on Allatoona Lake

Windsurfing on Allatoona Lake: General Information

Allatoona Lake is Atlanta's other major windsurfing lake along with Lake Lanier. Located just northwest of Acworth and Kennesaw, it is closer for many windsurfers. However, it's smaller size, shorter fetches along with rather specific geography make it less versatile than Lake Lanier. Its handful of launches tend to only work on very specific wind directions. Nonetheless, its proximity and less severe conditions in big conditions make it a popular spot.

Allatoona Lake's level varies with season and general weather conditions (e.g. drought). In drier periods, you may want to check if your favorite launch has reasonable or any water access.


  • Allatoona's headwaters on the Etowah River are less than two miles from Lake Lanier north of Cumming on either side of GA 400.
  • Lake Acworth feeds directly in Allatoona in Acworth.


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Cautionary Note

Like other North Georgia lakes, Allatoona is man-made with very irregular underwater features including steep and sudden drop offs. Weak swimmers and guardians of children should always be cautious.

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