Old Hwy 41 Recreation Area

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Windsurfing and Kiteboarding at Old Hwy 41 Recreation Area

General Information

Old Hwy 41 is generally open only during late spring, summer and early fall. Given its best direction, Southwest, is most common in those months, it's not that much of a limitation.

During the busier summer days, park rangers usually prefer if windsurfers launch from the east parking lot by the swimming beach rather than the west parking lot near where the boat ramps are located.

Recently, we've found Old 41 to be a pretty good foiling spot when the wind favors Allatoona over Lanier. The water is quite flat and the surrounding terrain isn't too limiting as it can be at Galts (from Red Top Mountain)

Recommended Wind Directions

NW: no | N: no | NE: no

W: yes | Wind center.png | E: no

SW: yes | S: yes | SE: no

Northwest North Northeast
West Wind center.png East
Southwest South Southeast

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