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Windsurfing and Kiteboarding at Websters Ferry Landing

General Information

"Webster’s Ferry on Allatoona looks like a winner. One of the better sessions I’ve had on Lake Allatoona. I was on my Phoenix 320 with a 6.5 and sailed from 2:30-4:30. While the wind would wax and wane, it was filled in and not particularly gusty. I could plane and jibe back and forth, upwind/downwind for long periods. Water was flat and chop non-existent. I’m hoping to try this on NW winds since the lake is lined up NW/SE.

The launch is perfect side shore for SE/NW winds. To the SE the lake opens up to a wide area right in front of the Allatoona Yacht Club. It also opens up to the NW, but not as big. The launch is located in Red Top Mountain State Park, so your COE pass won’t work. It’s $5.00 daily (self-pay envelopes at the entrance) or $50.00 for an annual pass. On the bright side, there’s no picnic area there so it might be less crowded than Galt’s Ferry." [1]

Recommended Wind Directions

NW: yes | N: no | NE: no

W: no | Wind center.png | E: no

SW: no | S: no | SE: yes

Northwest North Northeast
West Wind center.png East
Southwest South Southeast

Local Tips


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Wind Shadows

The wind shadows from the unfavored directions are substantial. As well, terrain to the west of Galt's is fairly mountainous and while a breeze will sneak in from that direction, if you are wanting the most wind for the conditions, you'll need to go elsewhere. On the other hand, Galt's is so close for those in Cobb and surrounding counties, there are those willing to trade wind strength for time on the water.

Sailing Upwind


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Sailing Sites on Allatoona Lake

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