Why Atlanta is a special windsport place

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Why Atlanta is a special windsport place

For "reasons" Lol I've corresponded with a number of you lately more than usual.

One comment struck me as one of the coolest things I've read about the ATL

Btw i hope they close van Pugh again, i like it when the windsurfers crew comes to Old Fed. I was in Florida most of the time when it was closed so missed the joint West wind sessions. ... Oh well, there is always strong East winds to look forward too.

Thanks, Rogier! This is a great reason not to get stuck in going to the same place. Whether it's to have fun with the kite boys at Old Fed, hang with the winddings at VP, see the crew up at Hartwell or WP, it's fun to experience the wind with friends. In some places, people get all tribal about what contraption is powering you or even how long your board is. Somehow, the thinking is that the other guy/gal is doing it wrong and taking up "my space". Here, we're excited for each other, enjoy the other's company and work at sharing our space .

And, that's pretty damn cool. Good

I'll work on going up to Old Fed more often - but, that won't keep me from cursing that yellow plastic swim barrier each time. Biggrin

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