When getting attacked by a shark is not the worst part of your day

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When getting attacked by a shark is not the worst part of your day

You get bit on the calf by a shark and your thinking, "could this day go any worse?"

Yes. Yes, it can. Lol (He made a complete recovery)

Source: https://www.sharkattackfile.net/spreadsheets/pdf_directory/1993.00.00.d-Doyle.pdf

CASE: GSAF 1993.00.00.d
DATE: The incident occurred in the fall of 1993.
LOCATION: The incident took place at a remote location in
Angola, West Africa.
NAME: John Doyle
DESCRIPTION: At the time of the incident, the surfer was
bleeding from a minor cut on the heel of his right foot.
SURFBOARD: The surfer was using a new 7'2'' pin tail board.
WEATHER: The air temperature was 35ºC [95ºF].
NARRATIVE: John Doyle was surfing alone, and when he spotted some shark fins
thrashing the water about 20 metres away, he decided it was time to get out of the sea.
Noticing a set, he paddled toward the thrashing water in order to get into position to catch a
wave. He was stroking into the wave when he saw the shark’s fin streaking directly towards
him. He leapt to his feet and was onto the wave that should have taken him all the way
Unfortunately, Doyle caught a rail coming out of his bottom turn and went into the water. He
felt a sharp pain as the shark grabbed his calf. Reaching down, he smacked the shark in the
snout and it released its grip. Doyle re-mounted his board and positioned himself for the
next wave. As he was wallowing in the foamy white water, the shark came at him again, this
time from the side. Doyle rolled off his board, pushed it into the shark’s mouth, and the
shark bit his board in two.
Doyle grabbed the rear half of the board and used it to ride the next set of waves inshore.
INJURY: The surfer’s right calf was lacerated.
FIRST AID: Unable to walk, Doyle crawled up the beach and assessed the injuries to his
leg. After stumbling to his vehicle (1973 Land Drover 4WD), he wrapped his leg in clothing
and proceeded towards the nearest community (one hour away) to seek medical care. In
the blistering heat, he became dehydrated and stopped a creek for a drink of water and a
brief rest. He was lying down on a rock at the water’s edge when a male lion attacked him,
biting his torso. Doyle was able to chase the lion away with a stick. He was halfway to his
vehicle when a pride of lions intercepted him, and he received additional lacerations on his
arms and legs before he reached the safety of his vehicle. Unable to drive, he sat in the
vehicle while the pride battered it in an attempt to get at him. Thirty minutes later passing
tourists found him and brought him to a medical clinic.
TREATMENT: The doctor confirmed Doyle sustained lacerations on many parts of his body
from lions and a white shark, and 250 sutures were needed to repair his wounds. The surfer
made a complete recovery, and now resides in California with his wife, Janice.
SPECIES INVOLVED: The incident involved a white shark, Carcharodon carcharias, about
three metres in length.

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Re: When getting attacked by a shark is not the worst part of...

Thankfully, no lions here. Just prowling cougars at the tourist haunts.

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