Taty and Tonky start a school

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Taty and Tonky start a school

The famous Bonairian brothers, Taty and Tonky, are opening a school in Bonaire.

Kralendijk – on 30 December 2018 the new windsurfing school of Taty Frans and Tonky Frans was officially opened. “The Frans Paradise”. They give windsurfing lessons and rent foil and beginners stuff in Sorobon Lac.

After having dreamed of their own school for a long time, the Frans brothers took the step; opening their own surf school. “It took a while to get the right papers to start, but we’ve finally started. It’s just a start, from now on we want to grow ‘the Frans paradise’ to the ultimate achievement of our dream. This is a step in the right direction. “ Thus the French brothers.

The location of the surf school is at a different location in the bay than the other windsurf schools. The water at the school is both deep and shallow, which is ideal for people who take lessons but also for experienced windsurfers who are looking for a challenge.


Interview with Tonky: https://www.continentseven.com/tonky-frans-whats-up/ (FML, I'm getting old. I remember when these guys were the young punks who blew up the freestyling world)

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