Rytis on jibes

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Rytis on jibes

One of the joys of a planing windsurfer is the powered up planing jibe. Not only does it save you from bobbling around at the end of each run - or worse, swimming - it's actually a thrilling move to execute. Here's another take on jibes

Gybe / Jibe - probably one of the most crucial maneuvers in windsurfing and also the most desired one! Who doesn't love to lay down a fully planning jibe? Yet it is also the move where a lot of people really get stuck on and despite the resources you can already find online people continue to struggle with it. Through running clinics and private lessons and by comparing them to my own approach as a professional athlete I was able to identify some key areas where there are differences and found some solutions. The first thing that an everyday windsurfer can take and apply from the professional world is using a strategy or a philosophy of how to learn something and sticking to it. So here is the first video from: Jibe Mastery series presented by Jibe Wear I am 100% certain that if you apply these 3 principles meticulously YOU WILL IMPROVE YOUR GYBES / JIBES

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