Reminder - Progressive Sports/Cody does sail repair

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Reminder - Progressive Sports/Cody does sail repair

After watching a FL guy absolutely butcher his sail trying to cheap out on a repair, I'm reminded that Cody Steward, ace Windsurfer LT guru and all around good guy, does sail repair down at Sandy Point/Progressive Sports in Daytona Beach. Getting the sail there can be a challenge but if you are patient and can time it with someone's trip down that way, it's much easier. His work is very good and affordable. Chris V, Hamdi and I have had some pretty big repairs done by him including replacing entire panels.

Don't trash a good sail by doing a silly repair with the wrong materials and end up with something like this. After all that Gorilla Tape, glue and screws, the repair still didn't work. Also, don't use Gorilla Tape on a sail. It leaves a sticky residue and most sail repair shops don't want to touch the sail not wanting to risk that stuff getting into their expensive sewing machines.

You can reach Cody:

Final "repair"

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Re: Reminder - Progressive Sports/Cody does sail repair

Cody (I guess) posted this. I'm sure a lot of industry insider stuff that I don't get, but funny just the same Good

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