Regatta Curious or Party Animal ?

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Regatta Curious or Party Animal ?

The Shell Point Sailboard Club's Endless Summer Regatta is Oct 7-9. I have not missed this one in years! It's some serious fun and it's usually windy. Shell Point is the beach directly south of Tallahassee and an easy ~5 hr drive. Like us, they offer multiple classes for longboard racers- Open, Sport (7.5 ltd), and always a novice fleet. Some windy years, they have done figure 8 slalom racing on shortboards. The Long Distance race is a Sunday tradition. No foilers on the race course so far but hey, why not?? (bring a short mast). They will also have Kona & Windsurfer LT charters this year if there is enough interest. Endless Summer registration is up at If you have questions about classes or want to charter a board for $150 (sail and board) for the weekend, please email .

There are rental units at Shell Point, motels nearby and the famous Wakulla Springs Lodge is about 20 minutes away. (More options at the link above). Camping is an option at the race site. There's breakfast and lunch on the beach and a great Saturday evening supper followed by a live band or DJ on the beach. The infamous beer truck flows from Friday night to Sunday. As they like to say- "Come for the race, stay for the party!" Good

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