Moving Back to Spain!!!

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Moving Back to Spain!!!

Hello ABC windsurf "gang",

Yes that is right, I am moving back to Spain at the end of February, everything has happened really fast but if for the better.
I have lived in Atlanta for 5 years and I have enjoyed every second of it, I have been very fortunate to meet great people like all of you and to share good experiences, what means that I have been enriched by your friendship.

I will be living in Madrid, and hopefully I will be able to make trips to Tarifa and Pozo (Canary Islands) to continue to improve my level, and maybe get a perfect gybe (at at least finish more than two per session. lol)

I Hope to see you at the Lake before I leave and If not I wish you all the best and if you come to Spain and want to stop by Madrid, I will be your host there.


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Good luck with your future sailing adventures. Be sure to keep us posted on the windsurfing scene in Spain. Sounds tres magnifique. Oopps I think that's Francais.

What happens in a black hole stays in a black hole.

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We all wish you well. Thanks for a very nice note and we hope that your future years in windsurfing and life in general are as good to you.

Since my Spanish is non-existent (I speak most or parts of 4 languages but Spanish isn 't one of them), I'll wish you Godspeed and good winds.

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Congratulations on your new job in Spain! Im glad we had a chance to sail together in Bonaire last summer - it was a blast! We're really going to miss you and Maria here in Atlanta.


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Now I have an excuse to visit someone in Spain.

Good Luck!


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It's "el mooey bueno" you rubes.

I really like this photo of you at VP, partly because it's a lot like windsurfing: loose & happy. But also because of the proud comment from somebody who (I'm guessing) is your mom? I bet she'll be glad to have you near her again.

It's so hard to say "Adios", so I'll just say, Later Dude. We'll miss you Ray.


p.s. When is it windy in el Espanio?

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Maybe we'll find out now if "the Ray in Spain falls mainly on the plane..."

Cheers, Bill H.

Bill Herderich

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