More Photos from Nags Head

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More Photos from Nags Head

Here is Nags Head the wind is locked in from the southwest. It's been blowing in the morning, dying mid-day and picking up again in the afternoon continuing into the evening. Typical sail size is 6.0 meters with a 90 - 110 liter board. However yesterday was epic. I started out on my 5.2 m, switching to a 4.7m sail late in the afternoon, then back to the 5.2 in the evening. We were all on 85 liter boards. Today looks like a repeat of yesterday's conditions.

1 Group from week 2. Philip & Betsey, Eric, Peggy & Barrett, Ted & Ruth.
2 Amy kiting from house next door.
3 Marcel ready to head out. Marcel's family is renting a nearby house & launching from our site.
4 We've sailed some days right up to sunset by ordering food in, or picking up from Fresh Market, a bike-ride away from the house.


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Re: More Photos from Nags Head

I love late spring SW at Hatteras. Coffee in the am and sail all afternoon.

via Bill's OBX blog

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