Meanwhile in Nove Mlyny

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Meanwhile in Nove Mlyny

Report from the European Raceboard (ie Longboard) Championships (Official website) in the Czech Republic. Eastern Europe is in a very cold snap at the moment after a warmish spring.


Windsurfing is a summer sport here but the definition of summer is that the lake is liquid not solid! From all over northern europe locals have been telling us that April was great with temperatures in the 20's. This week however it has struggled to get over 10 degrees. The wind conditions have been good but, it is the apparent temperature that has take some adapting to, not necessarily successfully. John has survived the best due to his Czech mate lending him a 5mm wetsuit, and Juha from Finland lending him some palmless wetsuit mittens, who knew such things exist?!

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Re: Meanwhile in Nove Mlyny

"Czech mate" Yes 3
"I break the limit of the first position, so I know I can do more..." Good
Interesting that the skippers' meetings and commnentary on the vids are all in English.

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Re: Meanwhile in Nove Mlyny

I'll translate: 10 degrees in Euro Speak is 50 in US blabber. Not what I'm into these days, but I think we may have had temps that cold for the fall race at least once. (The one I'm thinking about is the only race I ever won (albeit in Sport Fleet) because the guys who were any good thought it was too cold and windy.)

Not too even mention the Iceberg Regatta that the club used to have once in a while before we came to our collective senses.

There is no off season.

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Re: Meanwhile in Nove Mlyny

I must get a Superman rash guard so I can break the limit of the first position.

Nah, who am I kidding. I couldn't even get trick-or-treat candy with a Superman rash guard. Sad

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