Just a little Foil Expo in the south of France

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Just a little Foil Expo in the south of France

A bunch of shops in southern France got together and had a foil expo on a local lake, Lac de la Ganguise Cool to see so many foilers out. I think Randy would love this lake - it's smooth as butta.

Article on Glissattitude: https://marseille.glissattitude.com/blog/Windfoil-conviviale-guanguise-2019.html

FB photo album: https://www.facebook.com/pg/glissalafac.windfoil/photos/?tab=album&album_id=396519770952442

Glissattitude translated (via google)

For the 2nd edition of the friendly Glissalafac, the exhibitor tray promised to be supplied. With the Glissattitude, Chinook and Surfone shops, quantity and quality were at the rendezvous!

For our part, we had filled the truck with no less than 7 floats, 7 rigs and 10 foils!

Arriving on site, I had serious doubts about the distance traveled from Marseille ... persusadé to have arrived in Brittany (gray weather, drizzle and temperature more than fresh). Fortunately, the wind was very present quickly allowed to warm up on the water. The tests went on all day long, with great success for the Taaroa Noe (freeride and freerace), as well as the Airide and Foil 122 Starboard

The drinks, meals and the evening of the Ti Punch have finished warming us Smile

Sunday, place in the bright sun, with a very weak wind.

This time everyone was able to test what light wind meant. Very short and moley rains, unceasing changes of direction ... all that is needed to make a beautiful body of water a very technical navigation area. In short, a good training in pumping all day ... but that's how we progress, right? Smile

Some small info on this lake of South Toulouse:
The place is really peaceful and bucolic. It's ideal for a family day!
To get to the nautical base, do not rely on your GPS unless you have an amphibious car. You must follow Belfou ... and do not stress if you spend 20 minutes in full companion on mini roads: it's NORMAL.

For accommodation, the FAST HOTEL Port Lauragais is perfect: at 49 €, difficult to do better. And if, like me, you get there half drunk at midnight, you will have the surprise in the morning of waking up next to a real Port (with barges) that I did not suspect.
friendly ganguise

Between the FAST Hotel and the nautical base, your favorite GPS may also have the good taste of driving you through dirt roads. No stress, it goes alone, and you can like me track the thrush morning walk.

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