Interesting thread on bottom shape

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Interesting thread on bottom shape

Interesting discussion about bottom design, a lot of it driven by the move by many to use higher aspect hydrofoil wings.,37375.0.html

The big bevel on the tail makes sense when you're surf foiling, especially with a low aspect, thick, slow wing. Like the GoFoil Maliko 200 or Iwa. Those foils can be popped up at a relatively slow speed by suddenly increasing the angle of attack and then flattening back out once you're flying--works fine with those foils, and the bevel makes it easier to do. Pushing ten inches of flat tail under is a bitch. As soon as you move to high aspect wings that stops working so well. Doing that pop up just stalls the wing and you bang back down.

With a wing, the bevel tail, or rocker, or anything other than a flat tail is just slowing down the board. You don't need to drastically change the AOA to get up, just gain some speed and bias your weight a little back and up you come. Bevel tails don't hurt all that much, but they don't help either.

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