Great write-up about IQFoil and recent events - Farrah Hall

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Great write-up about IQFoil and recent events - Farrah Hall

RS:X rep Farrah Hall shares her experience at the Miami Olympic classes regatta

A brief snippet:

Around 30 sailors participated in some form, and although most were Florida or Miami locals, we saw a few arrive safely from the west coast and even Hawaii. The depth and success of the Clearwater Community Sailing Center youth sailing program was strongly in evidence, as these enthusiastic young sailors dominated the clinic. The Biscayne Bay Yacht Club had a few high school-aged young men in attendance as well, and is showing promise in their beginner and intermediate kids’ group. iQFoil sailors are obviously arriving from diverse backgrounds, and older, enthusiastic sailors showed up, as well as pro windsurfers / watersports competitors, and youth originating from more traditional sailing classes. The class is sure to attract many young people, and we will certainly see more and more kids arrive from youth sailing program backgrounds.
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