Galt's report, Mon Sep 15

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Galt's report, Mon Sep 15


On a whim I decided to head to Galt's this afternoon and made several fully planned up runs with the Phoenix and my 8.5. It was really good when I first started out at 4:00, until about 4:30. Then the wind dropped and it was slogging with intermittent planning in the gusts. I decided it was over and left the water at about 5:15.

Just before I left at 6:00, it picked up and filled in as good as when I first got there. I decided against rerigging, because I think the wind Gods just wanted to tease me. Fortunately Linda still was rigged up and getting it when I left. Jimmy B. also was there for a brief session. I left the board on the van just in case it blows tomorrow.


Bill Herderich

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