FS Exocet Formula Board + fin

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FS Exocet Formula Board + fin

Exocet Formula board from around 2006. Light carbon sandwich construction. Will throw in a G10 70cm formula fin. I was going to remodel it as a foil board but I don't have the time or energy to do so anymore. Too many projects need to get finished in the meantime.

Inevitable question: can it be foiled? Yes. But this is a light and delicate board. Don't be surprised if you damage the nose. The fin box is not reinforced (or "foil ready") so, if you are heavier, it will also have a limited lifespan.

This board is a great lightwind board with sail sizes 7.5 and up. Best suited for 8-11m2.

$200 with most of the proceeds going to fund the Fall Classic.

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