Friday and Saturday 2/18-19

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Re: Friday and Saturday 2/18-19
Randy wrote:

Friday was a big day for winging. So much that I rode about 2 hours at two different places.

Randy, watched with interest and a couple of questions.

1) Saw you gliding over grass. Are you using regular wheels or "weed" wheels?
2) Saw you pumping in the parking lot ride. Were you expecting to pump on to the foil?
All joking aside, nice video and thanks for keeping the stoke alive until the water warms up enough for you.

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Re: Friday and Saturday 2/18-19

Thanks. No weed wheels but I did try some really big tires as well as sails and wings. The big tires did help on rough surfaces, but were just a pain to lug around. So I went back to my 10 inch tires.

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