Flying Through a Typhoon, Then Foiling

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Flying Through a Typhoon, Then Foiling

I received this text from my son who is a United Captain flying out of Guam: "Flew thru another Typhoon this morning from Palau-Guam. Landing wind was down the runway at 50mph. Not too bad. Went kiting yesterday and the previous days with excellent wind."

When I spoke with my son via video link after he landed in Guam, (U.S. island in the far Pacific) it was raining torrentially and the palm trees were bent over in the wind. He plans to go kite surfing again tomorrow. The photo shows his route of flight, PGUM is Guam, PTRO is Koror airport in Palau, and YP is the island of Yap.


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Re: Flying Through a Typhoon, Then Foiling

I think the same storm, Wutip, (there have been a couple in that area already this year) maxed out at 155 mph, just shy of Cat 5.

Super Typhoon Wutip underwent an impressive burst of rapid intensification on Saturday morning, topping out as Category 4 super typhoon with a central pressure of 925 mb and sustained winds of 155 mph—just short of Category 5 strength. This makes Wutip the strongest Northwest Pacific typhoon ever observed in February, as well as the strongest tropical cyclone anywhere north of the equator in February.
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