Ebay power plate for tuttle

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Ebay power plate for tuttle

All the fun things I'm finding today on ebay...

Powerplate for tuttle box - allows the use of track mount foil in tuttle box board.


no bids so far. reserve though so no idea if seller is realistic

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Re: Ebay power plate for tuttle

I've found Power Plate useful and used one for 2 seasons. They transfer the load from the box to the bottom of the board which should help with using a "non-foil" board. The problem is that there is not much standarization in Tuttle boxes or Tuttle Heads. I would check the depth of my board's box as well as the height of the Tuttle head being offered or it's possible to end up with a power plate that doesn't fit. The seller should be willing to provide that measurement. This is a 6 year old video that explain Tuttle confusion. It has only gotten worse since it was made.

Another issue is that you need bolts of almost exactly the right length for the Power Plate - something like 12-16 rotations of the bolt to the Power Plate head. (It might be in the instructions.) I have no really idea why they say but it was a pain finding out my bolts were'nt long enough (as it was finding the deep Tuttle PP head did not fit in my board that I thought had a deep Tuttle box....)

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