Complete windsurfing package for sale

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Complete windsurfing package for sale

BIC Core 160 with retractable dagger Board.
Ideal beginner to Intermediate windsurfing package.
Board is perfect with no nicks or damage of any kind. Best easy ride board I have owned in 52 years in the sport. The retractable dagger board makes upwind sailing much easier for beginners but disappears in the board with a fling of the foot for planing.
Comes with original BIC WAVE 5.5m Slalom sail, brand new SAILWORKS Retro 7.5m sail, older but still kicking NEIL PRIDE V8 6.5m sail, 2-piece carbon fiber FIBERSPAR mast, adjustable boom, near new sit-in harness and helmet.
This is everything you need to get in the sport with a user friendly but highly adaptable board and a nice quiver of sails for different wind conditions. As a cherry on the cake, I am throwing in for free my older BIC Racetech board.
Recurring shoulder injury forces me out.
I am looking for $1,700.

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