Children of the Wind - Bonaire documentary

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Children of the Wind - Bonaire documentary

My thanks to Chris Voith who introduced me to this great documentary made a few years back about the Bonaire Boys and how they took the windsurfing world by storm by pushing the level of freestyle windsurfing to a new level. It traces the rise of the sport in Bonaire and how mentors took these kids who came from a pretty challenging backgrounds under their wing. Brothers Tonky and Taty Frans plus cousin, Kiri Thode, took their passion, energy and skills from their small almost backwater home to the world stage and became world champions.

Their legacy continues with Taty mentoring a new generation we saw at OBX Wind and the Frans brothers establishing a windsurf center on their home island..

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Re: Children of the Wind - Bonaire documentary

Inspiring documentary! We watched in Boulder while visiting our windsurfing adult children who have both been on a family vacation to Bonaire.


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