Balz's Severne Flight School

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Re: Balz's Severne Flight School

Hey that board looks pretty good though!

Here's what's happened to the foilx in a little over a year:
A nose dent that doesn't leak but is probably only a few whacks away
Soft spot on side due to tough shore break and dumb moments (doesn't leak but I see the crease)
Some damage under the powerplate fastener holes (there's a thin cushion but the sharp edges pressed into the bottom skin)
Some damage in the tuttle, screw side (the combined footstrap/foil screw washers twisted and tore into the tunnel of the oval openings. Don't think they leak but want to seal it up anyway)
The bottom carry handle leaks for no reason! (surprise here)

So with all of that it seems it might be ready for at least swapping out the box from tuttle to tracks...but I'm in no rush to start

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