What is "entry level" windsurfing kit?

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What is "entry level" windsurfing kit?

Inspired by this conversation about bikes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTVfXy5fIMU&t=449s

What is a new entry level windsurfing package? What are your thoughts? What would you suggest for a friend? Thoughts?

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Re: What is "entry level" windsurfing kit?

My 11'8 exocet link was a good beginner package, but I ended up getting the Blast after I had the basics down and planing on that first. Then I went back and saw that I could really get the exocet going fast in chop and in the straps. It is just a beast to haul around.

I think the larger 140-160L starter boards with daggerboards are probably a better option, and easier to carry, as they can get the basics and get you planing. Assuming a good enough lesson and balance to ride those vs. a much larger windsup.

That said, I still like taking out the windsup now and then.

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Re: What is "entry level" windsurfing kit?

Caution - long rambling answer .... I jump around between "surf gear", bikes, etc

1. Mostly Buy Used. Shop around ... but don't get scammed and lose venmo $ (as Sam did recently with a PC).
- ideally demo the gear - I bought a kite F4 foil and board that was not "a fit" but maybe we'll still use it one day.
- Get advice from William on what will work for what you want to do Smile
- If you progress, you will likely augment your gear - it's all good.

- I bought my Armstrong 1200 foil new after not loving the aluminum stuff
- snobby yes. And other thoughts there too on durability and safety(weight).
- I rounded out the kit with used boards for great prices
- I got a used 2400 front wing, etc etc ( haha!). Mostly I've gone used - thanks FB / Internet / Neil!
- BTW - take time to get your current gear wired before getting more - IMO

- I bought my Mistral Superlight and 7.5 sail way back from Tinho and still have all that. It is still going with some minor repairs.
- The Tinho gear was probably a little overpriced, but it lasted and lasted and has been perfect for many Fall Classics!
- That's a long board, and after that I got a bic and 6.5 from Tim's Windsense, that gear was not entry level,
but was a good fit and planed great. It was new, but also not retail. I just sold it this year.
It was not the small high wind gear that we used seldomly.

2. I don't think I was ever entry level - I wanted a solid kit. Like an old Schwinn vs the Huffy's that came later
- be prepared to swap parts
- find the magic quality point that balances price and functionality/durability. Be informed - somehow.
- I had a Schwinn built from parts as a 3rd grader, it is now a Mongoose mutt and still goes.
- The Huffy 10 speed from 6th grade didn't last, but was cool for a bit - shiny and new ... then broken.

- I bought a used Raleigh aluminum bike with bar end shifters - $500 from Roswell bikes. With a 105 group set that never failed.
Eventually the frame actually broke and I brought it back and asked if they had an old frame around.
They rebuilt the bike with a GT frame and I still have it. I've many many shorter workout rides on it and even
did sprint / olympic triathlons on it.

- BTW, my uncle gave me a box of BMX parts that was a major upgrade to my "BMX" bike. And I also once rode his Kline road bike - fastest cool bike you ever touched. Smile

- I bought a $350 mtn bike a few years back - very used, but great. It got stolen. I was bummed.
I kept my eyes open and found a super nice Carbon Niner for $1000. It is a nicer bike then I ever expected to own: I just got lucky.
They guy selling it had $, and way nicer bikes, and wanted to move on.

For cars, I've mostly bought used Hondas. Then we've maintained them with mechanics we like. When car shopping, I get the one(s) I really like inspected by a mechanic before purchasing.

I'd love an "entry level" electric car at some point - maybe an old Leaf :-). Or maybe Sabine will need used I3.

For kiting I took many lessons and then got a used board and inexpensive, direct dealer, Best kites ( a 10 and 16 ). That was all great. The board is still great and the kites went to my brother in law. The bar(s) never really worked right - they had a buckle and strap for sheeting - the jam-cleats are much better. I've bought new and used kites from Real and I bought affordable Liquid Force mostly. "last years models" are also a good way to get value.

Good stuff lasts a long time and, if needed, can be resold

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