Ouch and explicatives

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Ouch and explicatives

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Re: Ouch and explicatives

It took too long for this video to come out. It's simply amazing. The shots from the road showing the windsurfers going past ...

Watching the rigs get flung around is a big reminder of how much wind these men and women are sailing in.

IMAGE(<a href="https://media.giphy.com/media/LlFaFk9vw9Zn0wj4O5/giphy.gif" rel="nofollow">https://media.giphy.com/media/LlFaFk9vw9Zn0wj4O5/giphy.gif</a>)

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There is Luderitz, and then there is LUDERITZ. Pep's vid just shows how brutal it can be when its on, if you have a shocker you want to be at your fittest as high level care is a long, long, way away .

No helmet not too much of a problem when the course has just enough wind 33knot av to get down it, your not going that fast and have time to get close to the edge to suss things out.

When it's on though and sand and pebbles are starting to fly, its best to wear a helmet of sorts without large edges for the water to catch. Just don't want it to rip your head violently as connects with the water.

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