Snow Day: Where's Waldo

We ran across this remarkable photo of Lake Garda that Barrett Walker took a few years ago while skimming the front page. We were struck by the countless windsurfers in the photo during a quiet time of the day on the lake which is famous for its winds which blow strongly in one direction in the morning and then reverse in the afternoon.

Lake Garda windsurfing

Barrett was nice enough to send us a full size image because it's aspect ration will fit nicely as a banner at the top of the web site. As we looked over the photo, we though we recognized a familiar face.

Could it be? Waldo? Click below for the full size image (neither one above are large enough to find him). Zoom in, take a look around and see if you see him. You'll have to look carefully because, being out on the water, he's wearing a lifejacket and without a hat. We hope this makes another snow day without windsurfing a little more interesting.

Lake Garda windsurfing

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