35th Annual Fall Classic Oct. 18-20

Sponsors of the 35th Annual Fall Classic

We are proud to announce the 35th Annual Fall Classic. (If you want to skip to the Notice of Race, here it is.) This is the longest running windsurfing race in the United States. It's also a lot of fun even if you don't race. For some, it's about the thrill of the race. For others, it's about spending a weekend with a bunch of really nice folks, hanging out on one of the prettiest spots in North Georgia - the sunsets are always killer - great food, drink and more. You don't have to be a racer, or even windsurfer, to have fun. But you do have to be there.

Chris Voith, who works tirelessly each year to put this on, always has something fun planned for Saturday evening. Last year, it was a fireworks display that embodied that great American ideal: excess. It was big, it was huge, it was loud. And, it was wonderfully synchronized to music.

But what could Chris do this year to top that? How about... get this.... with the help of Ezzy and Windsense, we give away a brand new Ezzy 7.5 sail? We could have cheaped out and done a budget brand sail or a measly 3.5 that you want to use but really won't ever get wet. Nope and nope. We went full in on probably the most used size in Atlanta. A 7.5 will cover you for 60-70% of Atlanta windsurfing even if you thought you wanted to rig a 6.5 - this is an Ezzy after all. It will do that.

Make plans. Be there. No excuses. Even if you don't win a sail (but you know it has your name on it), it is always a fun time whether you can manage to make a whole weekend out of it or just part of the time.

Download the notice of race, fill out the entry form and get registered!

Notice of Race: all the details and entry form

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Interested but haven't raced before?

Chris's reply to good questions on the forum about equipment, the race course, etc.


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