Windsurfing & Diving Bonaire

Posted: April 20, 2017 by bpw

Barrett & Peggy vacation on the Caribbean Island of Bonaire. Steady trade winds and protected, shallow water make Lac Bay an ideal place to learn and improve skills.

Aerial photo of Lac Bay, Bonaire. The Bay offers ideal flat-water windsurfing conditions.
Arriving at Flamingo Airport, Bonaire
Greeting from donkeys that roam the semi-dessert island
Convenience of renting gear on the water
Gertjan de Man owner of Jibe City & Peggy
Peggy windsurfing, with beach cottage where we stayed in background
Winsurfers from beginners to experts enjoying conditions at Lac Bay.
Renting gear at Jibe City.
Photo published in Windsurfing Now Magazine of Barrett sailing with freestyle pro Maxime Van Gent
Maxime Van Gent practicing "Shaka" before departing for competition in Canary Islands
Returning to Bonaire April 2017, meeting Maxime for dinner and presenting her copies of Windsurfing magazine with her feature photo
Local windsurfers hanging out under the gallery of international competition winners.
Town of Kralendijk, Bonaire
Photo by Peggy of Barrett trying out the newest gear
Troupial bird on a cactus
Greater flamingos in mangroves bordering Lac Bay, Bonaire
Flamingos taking flight, Lac Bay, Bonaire
Lone parrot fish swimming over a field of coral rubble. Once magnificent inshore reefs have died throughout the Caribbean.
Seeing the loss of coral reefs from our first trip to Bonaire, we have supported coral nurseries to replant reefs.
Fees paid by tourists now help support restoration of reefs that divers and windsurfers depend on.
Bonaire still has abundant coral in water deeper than 30 feet on a reef easily reached by diving from shore.
Bonaire's advanced wastewater treatment plant paid for by the Dutch Government helps reduce both human and coral disease. The water is recycle for irrigation.
Barrett back at Lac Bay enjoying a day of good wind before returning to Atlanta.
Kids having a great time balancing on a board. Bonaire is family-friendly.
This little girl loves watermelon.
Laughing gulls at sunset.