Windy Spring Day at Van Pugh

A cool and windy late April day brings out a crowd to Van Pugh Park on Lake Lanier (4/26/20). Old faces, new faces and even a new sport as our first wingfoiler left the confines of earth and flew on the foil! Photos by Chris Voith. Additional photos by Barrett Walker and Gary Holt

Forum posts from the day here:

Ed coming back to the beach
Barrett giving a thumbs up on the conditions
Hi! Smile for the camera
Getting the gear on shore
Was Netflix filiming Gilligan's Island 2020 Sunday?
Barrett elevates
Ed making it back
Another Barrett jump
William trying to fly all the way back in.
Kai returns to the water and William in the background
Neil prepares to wingfoil
up a bit and Zee in the background taking a breather
a little higher
Up and ready to fly
The lawn was full of gear
Rhett and Rhett Jr.
Roland on only the second day of wingfoiling
Alan helping the Minicat up into the grass
Marcel, Roxanne and the kids
The Minicat out in the wind
Eddie B (foreground) andLangdon
Neil is almost up
Roland coming back in.
Foils lining up for takeoff and landing
Alan flying in
Alan almost in
Rhett and Rhett. Multi-generational windsurfing.
Rhett the Elder
Swinging around
Neil with wingfoil rig
Stephen gets air on Hartwell
The evening sun poking through the heavy clouds and lit the water like a switch
Stealth kitefoiler saying hello
And, off he goes!