OBX Fall Get Away 2023

Sun sets on late sailing session, day of arrival in Nags Head
Philip completing last run as sun drops below horizon
Barrett, Howard & Kia surf ocean waves on low wind day
Kia catches a wave
Surfing is a blast
Howard watches pelicans flying along the surf line
Kitchen comraderie - Philip, Howard & Jan, Peggy, Alain
Howard & Jan watching sun set from deck
Barrett, Philip, Kia, Alain windsurfing in rain
Alain joyfully windsurfing rain
Kia & Dad turn a rainy day into a fun day
Ted wins Right, Left, Center
KIa powered up with 5.2m sail
Howard enjoying late day session
Windsurfing group start Week 2, Betsey & Philip, Howard, Ruth & Ted, Barrett, Kia, Peggy
Kia - camera on nose of board
Ted enjoying a perfect day on the water
Howard's WS photo cup
Deck Party
Starfish on the beach
Peggy walking the beach
Manteo Bike Ride, Philip, Ted, Betsey, Barrett & Peggy, Ruth
Barrett & Philip, speed run with 5.2m sails
Sunset sail before packing up on our last day in Nags Head
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Re: OBX Fall Get Away 2023

Spring & Fall we invite members of the boardsailing community to join us in renting a 5 bedroom house on the water in Nags Head. The photos say it all. This Fall was a great time for all.

Barrett & Peggy

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Re: OBX Fall Get Away 2023

Great pics, Barrett! Thanks for sharing them with us.