Nags Head Oct. 2020

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic, we hosted another successful Fall trip to the Outer Banks. We all agreed to precautions to avoid getting sick, including shopping locally, and bringing food from home for the first few days. The one restaurant where we ate on premises was the OBX Fishing Pier - the staff wore masks and it was open air, otherwise we ordered take-out.

Three distant hurricanes either brought wind, or killed the wind. Fortunately they mostly brought wind. Our group had 11 days of sailing in the first two weeks. Peggy & I extended our stay as Tropical Storm Zeta brought exceptional conditions with three days of continuous on-shore wind.

We have additional trips planned for May & October 2021.

Barrett & Peggy

Phillip 7.5m2 168 l.
Flock of geese on the water reflecting sunset
Alain grilling colorful vegetables
Sails in the rack
Sunset with heron (by Phillip)
Peggy on the beach with flowers
Barrett and Phillip
Barrett foiling with 6.7
Alain jibing 6.3m2 109 l.
Rhett and "Sister", his dog
Barrett carving JP 111
Ted, Betsey and Peggy enhoying the sun
Rigging sails
Week 2: Philip, Alain, Barrett, Ted, Rhett with dog Sister
Phillip and Alain board "surfing"
Alain, Ted, Phillip, Barrett, Rhett
Phillip, Ted and Ruth relaxing soundside
Phillip and Barrett
Dinner - Peggy & Barrett, Ruth & Ted, Alain, Rhett, Betsey & Philip
Alain holding cup made by Phillip
Biking to the pier
Alain surfing in the fog
The house - view from the water
Phillip and Alain boogey boarding
Barrett and Ted with the Old Man Windsurf T-shirts
Phillip (wing), Ted (windsurf)
Crashing waves from Hurricane Epsilon
Barrett 's sunset session
Barrett in the sunset
Barrett carving Hurricane Zeta Day 1
Wind from ex-Hurricane T.S.Zeta
Barret jumping Hurricane Zeta Day 2
Barrett and Peggy last sunset
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Re: Nags Head Oct. 2020

Thanks for sharing your photos! Looks like it was loads of fun with lots of TOW. So jealous. Anyhow, hope to see you at the Golden Isles where I will be sailing, winging and paddling about most of my times off. Merry Christmas!