September 2014

Fall Classic No. 36 Notice of Race (all the juicy details)

The Notice of Race (NOR) for the Fall Classic (36th edition) is now available here (.pdf format). For those unaware, NOR is the fancy term for the entry form, all the details, times and other particulars.

The Fall Classic is the weekend of Oct. 17-19 (racing Saturday and Sunday). We can't emphasize this enough, it's always a great weekend even if you don't race. Go for the company, food and spectate. The Fall Classic is the longest running continuous windsurfing race in the U.S. Support it, your club and the sport by participating.

If you are interested in racing, typically long boards do best here if that sort of thing matters to you.

If you have any questions, you can post in the comments or email Chris Voith

Fall Classic 2014 Notice of Race