The Lost Scroll

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The Lost Scroll of the Wind Altar

From the Stargates of WindLandia to our humble planet Earth came a gift. A gift of enormous power. This gift has found its proper place in the universe, powering the “Wind Altar of Lake Lanier.” This is its story…..

Since long ago, Mystics (of Greek Fragakis lineage) have been searching for the mythical all-powerful “Wind Altar.” Believed to have been an instrument in Athens’ sister-city, Atlantis, it had been lost for millennia. Sailors of the past, haunted by its rumors, have also searched the globe to find it. Possessing such power could change the world. Ancient sailors would no longer have to read the sky and wait for proper conditions to explore the world or wage war. With the Altar, they could command the needed winds to power their ships or create gales strong enough to destroy their enemies’ ships. But alas… nobody could find it.

The prophets foretold of an energetic body of water to be created by the hands of man. To be built between precious metals and hardened stone at an altitude of 1000 feet above sea level. These are the criteria needed to create the proper internal tension to reactivate the Wind Altar. At this location, it would be found.

Purely by luck or destiny, in 1829 gold miners in Dahlonega Georgia found an unusual treasure. Its origin and power were at first a mystery. Not until more than a century later, did things begin to come together… things that would revive this lost artifact. In the year 1958 Lake Lanier came to be. Built by man between a mountain of Granite and fields of precious Gold at an altitude of 1000 feet above sea level. This lake was made for the Wind Altar as foretold by the prophets.

So what did the gold prospectors find? A very unusual gold medallion encrusted on a perfectly smooth round of granite.

But how did this medallion come to power our Wind Altar? I will tell you, but you must not tell anyone who is not a Stoker for fear the greedy Demons of the Doldrums and their cohorts the Gremlins will amp up their strategies to steal the Altar and its treasure.

It is rumored but never verified, that Sir Charles inserted the energy-creating medallion (given to him as a gift) within the Windsurfing board of the Altar itself. Using his magnificent skills of craftsmanship, he was able to discreetly hide the medallion in the Altar. However, others say the Bitchin’ Beach Babes (BBB) are standing over it, protecting it.

It is also interesting to contemplate these facts:

  • Coincidence of locations being Atlantis and Atlanta, both having a sister-city: Athens!
  • Why is it believed the lake of the Wind Altar is haunted? The answer is simple: “To keep the Demons of the Doldrums away!”

Now you know!

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