The Wind Altar

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The Wind Altar is a ceremonial totem that has been part of club legend and lore.


The Wind Altar case was constructed by Scott Spreen whose attention to detail borders on the legendary.



Excerpt as mentioned in this post: The Great Wind Altar


To create wind of a given magnitude the Stoker must first obtain materials needed for the magnitude selected. Below is a chart of required materials:

10-15 Knots- Candles, matches, one beer (preferably an Amstel) 15-25 Knots- The above plus a variety of incense 25-40 Knots- The above plus a shot of tequila (include worm for maximum range) 40+ Knots- (WARNING: This ritual should only be performed by the very experienced Stoker!!!) All of the above including the worm, one fan or other wind inducing object, candles that do not burn out, and rope

To induce wind of 10-15 knots: Set altar on a sturdy surface that is level and clean. Place one or two candles on the altar. Check that the beads are securely wrapped around the picture. Take a match and touch the two "BBB"s (Beachin Beach Babes) with the match before striking. While looking into the picture light match and quickly proceed to ignite candles. Candle must burn for at least one minute for each knot of wind (i.e. 10 minutes = 10 knots) and must be witnessed til the candles are extinguished. During the witness period the stoker must consume one beer. The above procedure must be performed only by the stoker for that year. If for any reason the Stoker of year cannot perform, then and only then may a previous Stoker perform the function."

(It goes on... "Changing of the Stoker" , "Care of the Great Wind Altar", etc)

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