Browns Bridge

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First major bridge on Lake Lanier upstream from Buford Dam. It carries GA Hwy 369 between Cumming and Gainesville. Most of the lake above this is narrower. As well, its height above the water restricts which vessels can pass under. At full pool, some large houseboats have difficulty passing underneath. These two factors keep most sail boats to the south of the bridge and leads some to term the southern part of the lake "sailing water".

Note: Only some local parks are indicated on this map. See Lake Lanier Map for a complete map.

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="34.262253" lon="-83.954172" zoom="14" scale='yes"> 34.261658, -83.951051, Browns Bridge 34.279973, -83.943069, Keith's Bridge Park 34.192942, -84.089724, Little Ridge Park 34.188037, -83.981318, Van Pugh Park 34.185055, -83.990416, Van Pugh Park South 34.218561, -83.955225, Lake Lanier Sailing Club Special Events Only 34.242263, -83.937544, Sunrise Cove 34.252906, -83.950762, Mountain View Park 34.234884, -83.978571, Vann's Tavern Park 34.222962, -83.949389, Old Federal Park </googlemap>