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  • We are a private organization devoted solely to the interests of our community. You are not a customer, you are a club member and part of the web site's community.
  • We value your privacy. Private information, messages, passwords, etc. remain private.
    • We use the HTTPS protocol which encrypts and secures the communication between you and us.
    • We only use cookies to enhance site functionality such as remaining logged in between visits. We attempt to minimize the impact of third party cookies as much as we can (such as Google, Facebook) We do not use tracking cookies, etc. If you wish to exercise more control over third party cookies, we suggest the EFF's Privacy Badger. We also highly recommend their HTTPS Everywhere so you can be sure that you are using the secure version of web sites that you visit.
    • We do not have advertising on the web site. While we do happily mention our sponsors and supporters, our site is non-commercial.
    • We do not share your information with anyone without your direct consent. The only possible exception would be US Windsurfing but, as of yet, we haven't.
    • We may contact you from time to time if there is adequate urgency in our message. If we contact you, it's because it's important.
  • Anything you post on the visible, public portions of our web site should be considered public and available to search engines.
  • Any material you submit to the web site may be used by us for the purposes of the web site or club.