1996 Olympic Games

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The 1996 Olympic Games were held here in Atlanta, GA. Of course, Atlanta sits hours from any body of water capable of hosting Olympic class racing with consistent conditions. Wind inland here in August may be light or calm for days in August. Tybee Island, by Savannah, was chosen as the venue. Facilities, including a floating marina, were built there.

Olympic Trials

Local windsurfers Scott Spreen, Chris Voith and Dan Burch participated in the trials for the US Olympic team for the men's representative in the IMCO class. They acknowledged having no chance of competing for the top spots but wanted the once in a lifetime opportunity to sail among the world's best in local waters.

The [International Mistral One Class] (IMCO) was the one-design board chosen for the windsurfing competition in 1996 and later for 2000 (Sydney) and 2004 (Athens). The IMCO was not only a popular Olympic class but also the most popular recreational racing board of its time. The RS:X replaced the IMCO for 2008 and 2012.

Racers at Local Events

A number of competitors for the women's IMCO spot raced in the Inland Windsurfing Championships in 1996 as part of their training.

Atlanta Windsurfers Involved in Games

Local windsurfer Fred Dey, then owner of Windsense Windsurfing, a Mistral dealer, was involved in the equipment logistics and measurements for the IMCO class windsurfers.