The Lake Wind Advisory

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The Lake Wind Advisory was the club's hard copy monthly newsletter. The cost and time involved ended publication.

Past copies may be viewed in .pdf format. Some of the older issues are html only. Previous to that, issues were only in hard copy. If time permits, we will scan those.


  • Nov-Dec 2002 Articles: Fall Classic 2002. Hatteras Trip Fall 2002
  • July-Aug 2002 Articles: Aruba Trip Complete First Board Report. Calendar. Meeting Minutes (Available in .pdf format. File size: )
  • May-June 2002 Articles: Hatteras Trip Formula Boards. Bag Balm. GA Tech Students Win Big Prize. Little Windfest. Usual Club Stuff, too. (Available in .pdf format. File size: )
  • April 2002 Welcome Back Calendar. Meeting Minutes. Calema Mid-Winters. Art and Science of Sail Size. New Hi-tech Material. File size: )


  • The LWA went into hiatus for awhile.


  • Dec 2000 Articles: 6 Steps, Zen and Keppler. Hatteras: 7 Days, Club Events. Holiday Party. Death of .com. A sordid story (Available in .pdf format. File size: )
  • Sept/ Oct 2000 Articles: The Chefs Invite You to Race. History Edition: Vann's Tavern and Chief Vann, Old Federal Rd. Drama: Waiting for DaBlow. Trolling for Windsurfers (Available in .pdf format. File size: )
  • July/ August 2000 Cover: The abc Presents Big Bro' Articles: Chris Pyron Inducts 17 Faithful. Fall Regatta. Invitation to St. Simons. Why Windsurfing is Harder than Turn 4. Hatteras Trip Planned. My Summer Banana Vacation. LWA Dictionary: Lemming. (Available in .pdf format. File size: )
  • May/ June 2000 Cover: Mattel Wave 265 Articles: April Blast. Learn to Sail Clinic Needs. My Trip to Margarita. IWC 2000 Report. The Best SE Spot You've Never Sailed. Member Roster. Can Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Jibe? (Available in .pdf format. File size: )
  • March/ April 2000 Cover: 2000 Inland Windsurfing Championship Announcement Articles: Regatta Time. Director for Learn to Windsurf Sought. Alien Letter to Editor. Letter from DeKalb IFAH. Story Of Lanier. Lanier Quick Guide. Playing in Mr. McGregor's Garden. Too Close for Comfort. Midwinters: Shortboard/Longboard POV. (Available in .pdf format. 879k file size)
  • Feb 2000 Cover: Surf's Up Articles: Poker Run Nets $540- Really. Iceberg Regatta Re-Announced. How Bad can a Forecast Get? Pics: The REAL Holiday Party. Modifying Footstraps without Modifying Your Board. Van Pugh: A Winter's Day. (Available in .pdf format. 617k file size)


  • Dec 1999/Jan 2000 Cover: Wide Board Lust Articles: Poker Run Nets $540. Iceberg Regatta Announced. Ask the Arrogant Jerk. My Brush with Fame. Club Members Recall '99. Windsurfer's Significant Slang. Medical Leave for Windsurfing. More sir? Holiday Party a Hit. Halloween Regatta/ GA Champs. (Available in .pdf format. 492k file size)
  • Nov 1999 (Non) Cover: Quickie Newsletter Articles: Win a Fin!: Poker Run. Seniors/ Fall Classis Results. (Available in .pdf format. 124k file size)
  • Oct 1999 Cover: ABC Cosmo Articles: New Web Weather Page Debuts. Poker Run Set. Regatta. Sad News. Dear Editor. Tech Talk: Fin Position. Aruba Pics. (Seniors/ Fall Classis NOR omitted.) (Available in .pdf format. 544k file size)
  • Sept 1999 Cover: Windsurf's TV Guide Articles: Clubs Don't Matter? Park Takes Jr. Olympic Title. Season Starts Early. Seniors/ Fall Classis NOR. (Available in .pdf format. 216k file size)
  • August 1999 Cover: Summer Light Air Freestyle Moves Articles: Speedtech Donates Speedmate. Learn to Windsurf Success. The Dirty Truth About Windsurf Instructor Vacations. Club News. 8 Habits of Highly Effective Windsurfers. (Available in .pdf format. 115k file size)
  • July 1999 Cover: Mythical Sail Sighted on Lanier Articles: What is a Windsurfer. Sailing Downwind Overpowered. Allatoona Pictures. (Available in .pdf format. 464k file size)
  • June 1999 Articles: Learn to Sail Program. Adopt a Weekend Pt. III. Why You Can't Plane in August. A Picture is Worth a 1000 Lessons. (Available in .pdf format. 198k file size)
  • May 1999 Cover: Crash and Burn The Magazine of Extreme Windsurfing Articles: Stanger Takes '99 IWC. Long Distance Informal. Allatoona Adopt-A-Weekend. IWC Photos. Teletubbie Scandal. I Feel Like an Idiot Dept. Power vs. Wind Direction. (Available in .pdf format. 951k file size)
  • April 1999 Cover: Fund Raising Issue Articles: Long Distance: Not Yet. Web Site News. News from Mobile Bay. Cool Shots of 2/28. Jax. Tech Talk: Sailing Angles. Tech Talk: Y2K. Sometimes Your Ahead... (Available in .pdf format. 1106k file size)
  • March 1999 Cover: Aruba Articles: Passports (to Arubua). Adopt a Weekend Pt. II. Virtues of Membership. Atlanta in the US Windsurfing News. Apps for the Long Distance Charity Sail and Inland Windsurfing Championships (not included in pdf) (Available in .pdf format. 336k file size)
  • February 1999 Cover: Long Distance Sail App Articles: Buford Bill Predicts 6 More Weeks of Wind, Long Distance Details, Adopt a Weekend Plan Proposed. Dr. Fray on Love and Wind (Available in .pdf format. 184k file size)
  • January 1999 Cover: Free Bumper Sticker/Legal Aid Articles: ABCSAT Study Guide. GA State Championship Final Standings. Mental Skills for Competitive Windsurfing.Holiday Party Recap. Ask Mr. Bill (Hansen). Thanks. Treasurer's Report (Available in .pdf format. 340k file size)


  • Best of '98 (excerpted from 12/98).(Available in .pdf format. 820k file size)
  • December 1998 Best of '98 Articles: NWS Cancels Winter. Poker Run Raises $350. Seniors/Fall Classic Photo Portfolio. (New Articles available in .pdf format. 352k file size. Does not include Best of...)
  • November 1998 Cover: The Grapes of Wind Articles: 20th Annual Fall Classic & Senior Nationals Final Results, Poker Run Details. ABC Hatteras Week Pics. Ode to a PWC. Go South for Warm Water. Nosology of Windsurfing Mental Disorders. Windsurfer's Serenity Prayer. Holiday Party Invitation. November Elections (Available in .pdf format. 648k file size)
  • October 1998 Cover: What If? Articles: What If? Every Hand is a Winner (Charity Poker Run for NAMI). Hear Ye, Hear Ye. Club Roster. Preparing for the Coming Season (Not yet Available in .pdf format. 208k file size)
  • September 1998 Cover: Your Horoscope Articles: 20th Annual Fall Classic & Senior Nationals (does not include Notice of Race to limit download size), Could the ABC Save Your Life? Hang Out with Chris Pyron. Prof. Naish Teaches Windsurf 101. Invisible Death Net Attacks Windsurfer. And You Thought the Noise was Bad (Jetski water pollution). Preparing for the Coming Season (Available in .pdf format. 216k file size)
  • August 1998 Cover: Yo Quiero Wind Articles: Thirty Learn to Windsurf. Maui on My Mind. 20th Annual Fall Classic Includes Club's First National Event. Treasurer's Report. Ruminations of a New Windsurfer. The Real (Coarse) Sailor's Wind Scale. The Best Laid Plans... (Available in .pdf format. 629k file size)
  • July 1998 Cover: Learn to Windsurf Articles: Learn to Windsurf (How to). Buying your first Board. (Available in .pdf format. 576k file size)
  • June 1998 Cover: Upcoming Attraction: High Pressure Articles: Learn to Windsurf Application. LLSC Campground Update. US Windsurfing Ups Dues. Ole Tanderup Profile. The Sports Section. Soul Surfing. (Available in .pdf format. 380k file size)
  • May 1998 Cover: Unsafe at Any Speed Articles: Stanger Takes Inland C'ship. Learn to Windsurf Clinic Set. Outhaul by Windwing's Bill Hansen. join the LLSC. Invitation to Charleston. Local Colleges Need Boards. Ask Dr. Ed. (Available in .pdf format. 337k file size)
  • April 1998 Cover: Y Axis Sail ad Articles: Hatteras Week Scheduled. New Georgia PWC Laws. LDS Recap. Bert Eskridge Profile. Allatoona Contamination. Joe's Incredible Voyage. A Windsurfing Flashback. (Available in .pdf format. 318k file size)
  • March 1998 Cover: Annual Swimsuit Issue Articles: Phil on AJC supplement cover. Long Distance Sail Entry Form. Inland Windsurf Championship Notice of Race. David Wade Photos. (Available in .pdf format. 288k file size)
  • February 1998 Cover: Monica Articles: Iceberg Results. Junta! President in Exile. WAGA Clips. Membership Application You Can Give Family and Friends. (Available in .pdf format. 312k file size)
  • January 1998 Cover: Comic Section Articles: Iceberg Gets AJC Coverage. WAGA Tapes Winter Session. Holiday Party photos. West Point Lake, Southside Alternative (Available in .pdf format. 368k file size)


  • December 1997 Cover: Wind Street Journal Articles: Speedcheck Raises Over $250. Van Pugh N. Shut for Winter. Fick's Flip. Don't Look Down. Long/Shortboard Freestyle. Bonaire Regatta. Fall Classic Results. Mistral Nationals. (Available in .pdf format. 228 k file size)
  • November 1997 Cover: No Fear? Rig Big! Bumper Sticker. Articles: Dear Mr. Chinook. Halloween Regatta Blow Out. Ga. State Champs. (Available in .pdf format. 132 k file size)
  • October 1997 Cover: From Our Catalogue Articles: Jere Wood Profile. JCS amd KME's East Coast Adventure, Part 2. Ted Overton's USWA Honors. CORK! Senior Nationals Report. (Available in .pdf format. 324 k file size)
  • September 1997 Cover: Jaws? Shmaws! Articles: May the Scum Burn. JCS amd KME's East Coast Adventure, Part I. Help...I need a clinic. Fall Racing Season. Free Bumper Sticker. (Available in .pdf format. 324 k file size)
  • August 1997. (Available in .pdf format. 240 k file size) Cover: Popular Windsurfing Articles: Hangin' with the Shred Dog. Guide to North and Central Georgia Sites. Hatteras Revealed. Atlanta Site of '98 Seniors.
  • July 1997. (Available in .pdf format. 250 k file size) Cover: ABC's RedBoard Articles: Learn to Sail Clinic. Atlanta Sailing Site Guide. A Deal at $3750. Girl Scout Windsurfers. Hatteras Visited.
  • May/June 1997. (Available in .pdf format. 108 k file size) Cover: "ABC's Reader's Digest". Articles: Inland Championships. Ran Coney Remembered. Lanier Rocks. Weather on the Net. Club Membership List
  • A Blank Spot owing to some uninvited guests who made off with the editor's computer :-(
  • |Feb 1997 (HTML format)
  • Jan 1997 (HTML format)